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Post & Panel Signs

Clean and professional looking, post and panel signs from BRAZZ Specialties are non-illuminated signs made from aluminum. A typical post and panel sign is constructed with square aluminum legs, with a flat aluminum face attached with a fastener-free bonding system. Post and panel signs are perfect for applications such as bank signs, hospital signs, university signs and church signs.

Click here to see a gallery of some of our post & panel signs.


Traffic Control Signs
BRAZZ Specialties offers a wide variety of vehicle control and directional signs important to customer safety and business liability. Typically built like our post and panel signs, way-finding signs are used for parking signs, no entry signs, drive thru signs, ATM Signs, warehouse traffic signs, toll booths signs, car wash signs, fast food restaurant signs, weigh station signs, airport signs, and mass transit signs. A BRAZZ Specialties traffic control sign will keep your traffic moving and reduce confusion and congestion – all with a clean and professional look.















Non-illuminated Site Signs
Need a custom post and panel sign? No problem! BRAZZ Specialties can make site signs to your exact specifications. Talk to a BRAZZ Specialties qualified sign retailer about designing a site sign for your project. Site signs work well for housing development signs, construction site signs, real estate signs, for lease signs, for sale signs, and more! You can work with your local sign shop to have full color graphics applied that will really put your mark on the landscape.

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